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12Blog is a website for anyone desirous of having a website or blog, whether for personal, business, communities, groups, etc., for the purpose of education, communication, showcasing of photos, videos, etc. We provide quality service for our users. Amongst our packages are free subscription, bronze subscription, silver subscription, gold subscription, and platinum websites. Our free service is indefinite in terms of website or blog life span. However, for our Premium services such as bronze, silver and gold, we offer monthly, quarterly and yearly subscriptions and yearly subscriptions for the platinum.  12Blog is owned by blogger/web designer, Louis Iyare, the owner of Louis Builders who has designed some great looking websites for people, communities and companies. You may visit Louis’s Facebook profile by clicking here. The 12Blog team, however, is a group of freelancers working together to give our users the best of website designing services. Our premium packages are unbeatably affordable and our templates are excellent.

Our team is made up of Web Designers, Graphic Designers, SEO Experts, PPC Experts, etc. We do not just give users the ability to own a website; we also give them the optional paid service of announcing their website via Search Engine Optimizations and Submission, as well as social media promotions which include Facebook page designing and customizations, Pintrest setup and customizations, Facebook and Google advertisements, twitter, etc. Our users do not need to move from one place to another looking for people to assist them with their designs, whether graphics, site design, website content editing, etc., our professionals are ready to assist them whenever they need such service. All they need to do is request or order the service and a freelancer is assigned to them accordingly.

We are well known for our good work and we welcome all users, both free and premium. We encourage you to try our service. We are confident that you will be glad you did. Kindly click here to sign up and create your first website/blog.

Should you have any questions, kindly access our forum for help.

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