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blog-727900412Blog provide business owners or bloggers the ability to create unlimited post and pages for both Free and Gold subscribers. The post feature is used to post articles on your blog to enable visitors read them. the Page feature is mainly to create the standard pages of your website; for example About Up, Contact Us, Services, and so on. Creating post and pages are as easy as preparing your breakfast. You can find how by watching the video tutorials at your admin dashboard when you signup. You can upload documents in your page or post that your visitors can view using Google Viewer features. You have the option to enable viewers download the file or you can disable it.

audio_thumb-4617373With our drag and drop upload feature, subscribers or site owners can easily create photos, galleries, audio files, pdf file uploads and many more.

Fast and Reliable

speed-150x150-978231312Blog is hosted on a highly reliable server which makes websites or blogs hosted on the website fast and always running. You hardly notice a system down complain, however it can not be rated to be 100% efficient, but highly efficient.

file-storage-7376098With the available storage features, site users and bloggers have the ability to upload as many images, audios and other files as their quota can carry. We have allocated 40MB upload for free sites and 3GB for Gold sites. However our users can still request for upgrade of quota if they have used up their upload space.

starts-6061875We give all our users the ability to monitor their website activities. All visitors to their blog/websites are tracked and recorded in their Site Starts area. They can easily know the number of visitors that visited their site in a day, month, and since the site was created.

screenshot-641343312Blog has made available 115 free themes which are already configured for your use. All you need to do is create your site and start creating the pages and posts. Videos on how to create posts, pages and menus are found in your admin dashboard. For the Gold subscribers, we have put together 45 Premium Themes and Premium Themes Homepage setup Tutorials to guide them on how to setup the premium themes homepage. All our premium themes are Studiopress themes. If Gold users do not desire to set it up themselves, they can purchase the service of the 12Blog freelancer to help them setup the Homepage.


privacy-9567656You are given the ability to regulate who sees your blog, who reads and comments on posts, and many more.

googplus-3157999The 12Blog site was mainly designed for business owners and bloggers who will like to promote their site contents to other networks. Because of this we integrated the Google +1 feature which allows blog and site owners post their contents to their Google plus profile. This has been proven to have great effect on website or blog’s search engine ranking. Again the Google +1 network is a rapid growing network with a lot of business minded audiences and subscribers. The Google +1 is a highly recommended feature to promote high valued contents. We know you need this, this is why we are offering the feature to you for free.

Social Media Promotion

social-media-8427144This feature is free for all subscribers of 12Blog. It allows you announce your content to any social media content you choose. Social media marketing cannot be ignored when it comes to blog to website promotion this is why we have implemented this feature to help you with your promotions.

Must Like (For Gold Subscribers)

like-9130464This feature when activated tells any visitor that is trying to read your post or article to like, follow or post to his Google +1, Facebook, linkedln or Twitter profile before he can see the full content of the post or article. Its a great feature to have your content shared to various social media networks.

commentplus-822426312Blog gives its subscribes the feature to allow their visitors use their gmail email, facebook account and Twitter account to comment on posts on their blog or websites. They can also directly post their comments to their facebook and twitter and Google +1 profiles. If you desire this kind of feature using other blog service providers, you will have to go premium to get it, but we have made it free for all subscribers!

rating-4514138This is a highly recommended feature that have a great effect on a site’s search engine ranking. It allows visitors or members of your blog or site rate your posts. This feature is limited to our Gold subscribers only.

EzineArticles Integration

ezine-articles-6986003Sites or blogs that are linked to EzineArticles usually get a lot of traffic from EzineArticles. Bloggers and article writers often post their articles at EzineArticles, mainly to get audience and attract visitors to their blogs. We have integrated this system for these set of people for free. With this feature, you can write your articles in your 12Blog dashboard and directly publish it to EzineArticles from the same dashboard using a single button.

emailticket-8098773This feature is to provide quality support for our Gold users who may need one help or the other with their website or blog. They are allowed to open email tickets mailed directly to our staffs who in turn attend to their needs.

Also Gold websites or blogs have their own inbuilt ticket where they can also give their site users the ability to send email tickets to them to assist them if they need help with their service.

Video Tutorials

video-icon-3954594This is one of the Help avenue within the 12Blog website. All subscribers have access to complete video tutorials on how to start their site design and complete it. We know it is easier when you watch it so we have made it like one of those breakfast preparation processes. Register a site and start watching.

Users Messaging System (For Gold Subscribers)

message-2788486The 12Blog community also added the ability for you to send messages to other members in the network. You can contact members for help, business relationships and many more. This feature is only available to Gold Subscribers.

forum-4215372All subscribers of 12Blog site have access to our help forum where they can get easy help from forum posts, other subscribers and 12Blog freelancers and staffs. The forum feature over the years have been proven to be a standard and easy way to help website subscribers with their individual requests. Unlike the Email Ticket feature, forum questions are seen by all subscribers of the 12Blog site and this welcome ideas from everyone which in turn helps to quickly find solution to a question that is asked.

This is a awesome feature that let each Gold website on the 12Blog network have its own forum to help site admins interact with their subscribers or used as a help forum to render help services.

users-9233188All site owners have the privilege to add users to their blog as subscribers to their blogs. They also can manage users by editing their roles and giving them privileges over their site contents and many more. The site admin in this area has the ability to add or remove users from his site.

websites-4555539Gold subscribers are given the privilege to create up to 10 blogs or websites. However for each site to use the domain mapping feature, they must be upgraded each to Gold which gives them additional spaces of 3GB each. So instead of 10 blogs or websites sharing 3GB upload space, the 10 sites will have 3GB upload space each if upgraded. How awesome!

Mobile Site (For Gold Subscribers)

mobile-4144398As the number of mobile users grow daily, the number times people spend on PC reduce, so we looked for a way to get your site content available also for mobile users. As a Gold subscriber, you are allowed to create mobile templates which your visitors who are visiting your website or blog via mobile devices will see. It makes the site loading on their mobile phone fast and easy.

Ecommerce Functionality (Gold Subscribers)

ecommerce-1848648Gold subscribers are allowed to have their own online store with the add to cart button. This feature contains a store management center where the site admin can mark orders as received, processing, completed, etc, depending on the payment method the customer chose. There are several payment gateways. Taxes can be added according to locations, currencies can be selected, etc., email receipts are sent whenever an order is updated, and many more. With the help of the woocommerce plugin we have accomplish this great goal. Thanks to woocommerce!

Domain Mapping

(For Gold Subscribers)

domainname-9311789Gold subscribers are given the ability to map their domain to their 12Blog site. For example users can have a domain named johnstore.com mapped to johnstore.12blog.org. When the johnstore.com is visited, the user will see the johnstore.12blog.Org site but the domain name on the address bar remains johnstore.com. Instructions on how to map a domain is given at the domain mapping section area and the Help toggle at the top of their dashboard.

event-2388660Gold subscribers are given the privilege to create up to 10 blogs or websites. However for each site to use the domain mapping feature, they must be upgraded each to Gold which gives them additional spaces of 3GB each. So instead of 10 blogs or websites sharing 3GB upload space, the 10 sites will have 3GB upload space each if upgraded. How awesome!

Facebook Tabs

fbtab-8018896To connect your product pages or store to your facebook page, we added the facebook tab creation feature to 12Blog. With this feature, you can create landing pages directly from your 12Blog dashboard and link them with your facebook page. If you want your facebook page visitor to order your service by clicking a PayPal or order button from your facebook page, you can add the button from your 12Blog admin area. For free subscribers, you can create only one tab while Gold Subscribers are allowed to create unlimited tabs. With this feature you don’t need to worry about SSL, we already have the ssl installed for all the sub-domains on the 12Blog site. This will save you time and money!

Appointments (For Gold Subscribers)

appoint-5265864This feature is for Gold subscribers. Using the feature will give the site owner the ability to create appointments which users can book directly from the front end of their websites. Time of appointment, date are recorded in the site admin area. Site admins can also collect payment for paid appointments. In other words users can book online and pay directly with their PayPal account or Credit Cards through PayPal.

Own Language Site (For Gold Subscribers)

gtranslate-9971135Do you want your site to be in your native language or do you want your site users to be able to select their own language when browsing through your website; we have included the own language feature which uses Google translator to present the entire website in your selected language. This feature is only for Gold Subscribers. Translation is fast and accurate.


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