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Since blogging has become popular, many different ways have been developed to earn money with your blog. Adding  side venture into affiliate marketing is just one of these ways, but it can add large amount of income to your blog quite quickly. If done incorrectly, it can unfortunately lose your opportunity to earn money with the blog. Read on to learn how to successfully integrate affiliate marketing into your blog.

First off you need to ensure that your blog is ready for your affiliate links. You will need to organize your blog to maximize the impact of these ads. Check with your host site. Many of these offer free themes that are designed to maximize ad click-trough’s that you can easily edit to suit your blog. If you don’t want to start from scratch, you can always modify the theme you are already using. Use these free themes as guideline to make edits to your blog’s current theme to get it ready for the ads.

Try and contain your excitement when you first get started on this new opportunity. You want to try and promote too many different companies and products right away. You will maximize your earnings by focusing on just few great products. Start by casting wide net for products that are within your topic. Once that is done, research and test until you narrow down the field to just select few. Choose the right products for your readers and enjoy the money that comes flowing in.

In the blog format, personal reviews are going to be extremely important to the success of your product. Blogging is all about establishing good relationships with your readers, so you can use that relationship to help or hurt your overall business. Trying too hard to sell these products, especially those of low quality, can seriously hurt your readership. On the other hand, recommending great products to your readers can actually help to build your total brand and endear yourself with your readers. By informing your readers of what you personally found good or bad about  product, you will help them make the right decision and increase their happiness.

Limit yourself to solid review of your product and then only mention it when it is relevant to the conversation. You will lose readers if you start selling products instead of providing useful and entertaining information. If you lose sight of the purpose of your blog you will lose your readers as well. This is the biggest mistake that bloggers make when they first venture into affiliate marketing. By quietly promoting products when appropriate, you can keep your blog’s format informational, as well as selling one or more products.

Keeping these things in mind will help you monetize your blog without losing readers. While making money is your end goal, you need to make sure it is done correctly. You now have two job titles, blogger and affiliate marketer, so you will need to remain up-to-date in both fields. Each job will complement each other and help you achieve overall success.

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