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This is a full tutorial on wordpress install and setup. The tutorial shows you a step by step process with screenshots on how to register your domain name and host it with Godaddy, install wordpress and set it up. With this tutorial, you can get your wordpress website live online within approximately 2hours. Please follow the steps as shown in the documentation below:

Please leave your comments, questions and any useful information you may have about wordpress. To improve your learning about wordpress, kindly join our forum.

January 9, 2013 By

Please leave your comments, questions and any useful information you may have about wordpress. To improve your learning about wordpress, kindly join our forum.

January 8, 2013 By

It is easy to find a place to get free blog, but where is the best place? This really comes down to what you are going to be using the blog for and what type of functionality is important to you. Some bloggers are looking for a website that has big community and social features, while other bloggers are looking for a simple to use blogging platform that allow them to get a free blog in minutes.

You don’t have to spend a dime to get a great looking website online anymore.

Online marketers may be looking for blogs that let them put advertising on the blog, so you can see that there are many different types of free blogging sites and bloggers needs.

Choosing the best place for free blogging should be easy when you take a look at the list we have provided below:

  • How to Choose the Best Place to Blog

Blog Front End and Feel – This is possibly one of the most important factors to consider when you are trying to find a free blogging network. Some blog sites offer a huge template selection and others may only offer a few different layouts to choose from and then allow customization to give you a quasi unique look.

Unique Blog Address – Depending on where you choose to blog, the option to get a custom domain name will vary considerably. Choosing a free blog that will allow you to put your name or keywords in the address of your blog is always preferred.

Admin Section- Here is another area where site to side you will see a huge variety of tools and features. Most blogging sites have a rather standard list of what you can do, but some free blogging sites offer a lot of additional features on the admin section that allow you to really spice up your site.

Social Integration – Today, social is most more important than SEO, so make sure you choose to blog on a site that offers a good social integration feature and your content will get seen by more people.

Extended Feature Options – Not everybody will want to get more features for a fee, but finding a blogging site that offers a free blog to start with and some killer upgrade features will give you a lot of flexibility as you move forward and it never hurts to have more options at your disposal if you ever need them.

Using these points of interest you will be able to locate a quality place to get your content online fast and don’t worry, you can have many free sites as you like, so check out a few of the best online blogging networks to see where you want to call home.

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Most people live through social media nowadays. It’s likely that a person spends more time using social media than talking to actual people, given the wide range of possibilities made available by social media. It’s easy to connect with hundreds of people with just a few clicks, and less of the emotional baggage that comes with dealing with people in real life. Because of the increasing prevalence of social media, businesses should not hesitate to use social media to promote themselves. They should do this tastefully, but they shouldn’t hesitate to venture into the virtual personal space of their customers. Internet space is never completely private, after all.

News spreads much faster through social media than through other online means, especially since the company doesn’t necessarily need to promote itself once it gets the ball rolling. If the company offers good products and manages to get the favorable ratings of just a few customers, these customers will communicate their positive experiences to their friends. Then, others will also feel compelled to try the products. This is especially true with promotions that encourage publicity at a low cost, like sweepstakes or drawings. While a new business will not be able to get much done on Facebook alone, and a diversity of techniques should be best for advertising, Facebook is a powerful free tool.

Similarly, new offers and ways of connecting with customers can be found through Twitter. Even if fewer people use Twitter than Facebook, Twitter is a great way to send an instant message to the world. While Facebook relies on the promotions of those who have already seen the site and are telling their friends, Twitter relies on using clever messages to make a business appealing. A dull, poorly written Twitter will certainly not do as well as a lively one, and most people will not be able to tell the difference between a business Twitter and a personal Twitter as long as the tweets provide entertainment and have informative value. Twitter is also better for instant updates, as the interface is built to be most useful for one-sided communication. Exchanges between Twitter users are possible, but they are more cumbersome than exchanges in other places.

Social media gives businesses a way to use unconventional means to reach out to customers. Many customers find that trying to contact customer service in the usual way is ineffective or too slow, so they will take their complaints to social media sites. Here, these grievances might fester and linger on unanswered. Or, the business that is responsible for the grievances can step up and address the issues before disgruntled customers give the business a bad name. With or without the presence of the business in question, the reputation of the business will be discussed and built on conversations that occur through social media sites. It is highly beneficial, then, for the business to become part of the discussion. The business can protect its public image and offer an alternative point of view, as well as providing support for their products.

For bloggers or small business owners, they can easily integrate social media share buttons into their blogs or websites, which will enable them and their visitors share their content across such networks. The majority of free blogging sites now include this feature in their free services. For some blogging websites great features like these are restricted to paid subscribers, while others offer such features free of charge. A blogging website like 12Blog.Org offers this feature free of charge to its subscribers and also gives bloggers the medium to post their articles from their blogging dashboard directly to EzineArticles. Furthermore, 12Blog.Org offers his subscribers the great feature of letting their blog visitors comment on blog posts using social accounts like Facebook, Google plus and Twitter. This is a great feature that enables the visitor comment on the post and also post his comment to his social profile using a single button. 12Blog.Org also gives bloggers the feature to restrict some area of their blog post or articles to only visitors that will “like” the post or article using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google plus accounts.

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Today blogging has become the new order of the day. There are so many ways that blogging is being done in order to make more money. Using your blog as an affiliate blog is just one of the many ways you can make your blog stand out and make more money.

The best way to make money with your blog is by making sure you promote only the right service and products. Promoting the right service and products is what helps to increase your online credibility and also strengthens the trust of your clients in you.

If you go about the process of making money with your blog the right way, you will forever earn from it however; if you do not then you will fail. Not just any type of blog can be used as an affiliate blog. Affiliate blogs need to be designed right to ensure that all ads have the right placement and also to ensure that buyers or readers know exactly where to read when they search your blog. Making money affiliate have now come to understand how great their jobs are. This has led to be very competitive.

Organizing your blog to best fit the products that you are going to be using to promote is what makes the difference between one blog and the other. You can also use the many free themes that are offered by host websites.

These themes are designed to increase the number of ad clicks. If you feel changing the whole theme will be an issue, you can just make simple changes to the current theme you have. Make sure your promotion is done step by step. Take it one product after the other. By doing this will help ensure that you are promote only the right ones and you should get the necessary traffic.

When you use the products you sell on your site, it helps to give you clear point of view when promoting them. Another true fact is that, because you cannot use every single product you promote or sell, reading online reviews about the product will help to give you clear understanding as to how good or bad the product is.

However; when you decide to start promoting, it will be best to make sure you do not forget about your readers. Remember that your blog must be useful and unique to gain its popularity because of the exciting things that you write about, so do not take the exciting content away. Also, when you use your blog for the promoting of worthy products like Free Site Signup, Net Wealth Dr program, ClickBank Code you will be taken seriously by all your clients and your readers.

Being blogger and an affiliate marketer at the same time is not problem especially if you can control the pressure that comes with it in the beginning. Just be sincere and also very committed to your job that is what will make all the difference.

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December 30, 2012 By

Since blogging has become popular, many different ways have been developed to earn money with your blog. Adding  side venture into affiliate marketing is just one of these ways, but it can add large amount of income to your blog quite quickly. If done incorrectly, it can unfortunately lose your opportunity to earn money with the blog. Read on to learn how to successfully integrate affiliate marketing into your blog.

First off you need to ensure that your blog is ready for your affiliate links. You will need to organize your blog to maximize the impact of these ads. Check with your host site. Many of these offer free themes that are designed to maximize ad click-trough’s that you can easily edit to suit your blog. If you don’t want to start from scratch, you can always modify the theme you are already using. Use these free themes as guideline to make edits to your blog’s current theme to get it ready for the ads.

Try and contain your excitement when you first get started on this new opportunity. You want to try and promote too many different companies and products right away. You will maximize your earnings by focusing on just few great products. Start by casting wide net for products that are within your topic. Once that is done, research and test until you narrow down the field to just select few. Choose the right products for your readers and enjoy the money that comes flowing in.

In the blog format, personal reviews are going to be extremely important to the success of your product. Blogging is all about establishing good relationships with your readers, so you can use that relationship to help or hurt your overall business. Trying too hard to sell these products, especially those of low quality, can seriously hurt your readership. On the other hand, recommending great products to your readers can actually help to build your total brand and endear yourself with your readers. By informing your readers of what you personally found good or bad about  product, you will help them make the right decision and increase their happiness.

Limit yourself to solid review of your product and then only mention it when it is relevant to the conversation. You will lose readers if you start selling products instead of providing useful and entertaining information. If you lose sight of the purpose of your blog you will lose your readers as well. This is the biggest mistake that bloggers make when they first venture into affiliate marketing. By quietly promoting products when appropriate, you can keep your blog’s format informational, as well as selling one or more products.

Keeping these things in mind will help you monetize your blog without losing readers. While making money is your end goal, you need to make sure it is done correctly. You now have two job titles, blogger and affiliate marketer, so you will need to remain up-to-date in both fields. Each job will complement each other and help you achieve overall success.

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