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How long does a free membership last?

As long as you are a free subscriber, your site exists as long as 12Blog exists.

Can I upgrade from Free Membership to paid?

Yes, and you can also upgrade your paid membership from a lower level to a higher level if need be.

How can I do the upgrade?

Make sure you are signed in as a 12Blog user, then follow these steps:

1. Visit http://12blog.org/paid-members

2. Click on the site you wish to upgrade

3. Select your upgrade option by clicking it. You can optionally buy a bulk upgrade by selecting “Purchase Credit to upgrade sites to Gold for one discounted price”.

4. After selecting your upgrade option, click the Checkout with PayPal button to pay.

5. If you chose the Bulk Upgrade option, revisit http://12blog.org/paid-members after payment to upgrade your sites.

What if my upload quota is not enough for Gold subscription, can I apply for more upload space?

Yes you can. To request for more upload space please visit http://12blog.org/upload-space/

Here you have the option to add 2GB, 3GB and 4GB respectively. In other words, if you apply for 2GB, your Gold upload space will be upgraded to 5GB, if 3GB, you get 6GB and 7GB for additional 3GB.

Note: You must be a Gold subscriber to qualify for this upgrade.

Please allow us up to 6 hours to perform your custom upgrade request.

 Where can I find instructions on how to design my site?

You can find our video tutorials at the left side of your dashboard.

What qualifies me to send messages to other users within 12Blog site and in forums?

Your only license is to become a premium user. You must upgrade at least one of your sites to access this feature.

How many messages can I have in my Inbox?

Your inbox is currently limited to have 500 messages. So you are expected to delete old messages to have more space.

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